Sunday, January 28, 2007


I use to think landscapes were a boring subject manner... but I guess like anything, its what you can make of it. I really like these photos, although I love any scenery that involves the ocean, and the surrounds.

These three images are of the same tree on the black rock.

This would be my preferred one, but I also think it shows that something simple can be photographed in varying ways, to produce fairly different images.

These were all taken at Fraiser's Reef, a beach at Iluka, NSW.


kazy2004 said...

Hi Leia, I love checking in on your blog to see what new pics you have added. They are all gorgeous. You are very clever. The latest one makes me realsie I need a holiday. Cheers Kaz

paula martin said...

I agree with Kaz. and I really like scenery pics. Lukes wedding pics are great too, wish you had didgee camera 4 my wedding! Keep up the good work. Luv Paula