Monday, March 24, 2008

Echuca Rod Run 2008

Echuca Rod Run would be my favourite event in Echuca's extremely busy calender of events. My family were involved for a few years, and growing up with a brother and father who were so enthusiastic about these beautiful machines, it was hard not to develop an appreciation for them. Its so easy to photograph them, although this year I tried for a few different angles and with good results. Also, I was able to photograph many in the streets which gave different photos as the Show 'n' shine which is always under trees - interesting/annoying reflections, shade/light issues - but I'm always up for a challenge.


Wednesday, March 12, 2008


This blog has totally be neglected since project365 so now....
I return and with a revamp.
Something more subtle so my work can stand out more.

It does however, provide an opportunity to isolate some pictures with common themes from the photo a day project. Sometimes images can be lost amongst the clutter. I've chosen some of my 'weeds'. Everyone knows how beautiful a lily or rose is, but I want to show the unknown beauty, the forms and intricate detail that also applies to other less noticeable plants.