Sunday, March 18, 2007

More LIME...

In between my 'Project 365' I'm going to create these 'ads', following on from last post. Its something that I can completely muck around with, not only with photo shop, but taking silly pics.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

credit where credits due...

Like the last.. the background is something abstract, this time dish washing detergent. I took the photo as is and didn't abstract it in photoshop. Thought the colour was appropriate for an 'ad' (or something) for my LIME photo graphics.

These latest creations of mine wouldn't be possible without certain photoshop tools and little extra bits/pieces, that I was able to download via freeware, from the following links. Just wanted to give these talented folk a mention.
beyond affinity
Design fruit... especially, love there stuff!
daughter of snape
foxxie chan
violet electric
Hypnotic stock
Appendix squared
These are illustrators and graphic designers etc etc. who allow people like me, who have no idea about computer programming, to use their great designs. If you're into photoshop or design etc. take a look at some.

Monday, March 12, 2007


I sometimes ponder whether I should have done graphic design over photography. I've often added elements to my photography well before I was introduced to Photoshop type programs. I have often incorporated text or made up montages and used photograms, which produce a similar idea to the pink over this image. I enjoy expanded upon an image to create a new one.

This image was created for my project 365 using an image of a tap which I have completely abstracted... with little effort and by accident... the image was created from there.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Project 365

Whats that?? Well I was cruising around some other photography blogs when I started seeing all of these 'photo a day' or 'project 365' blogs. Basically, you make a commitment to yourself that you will take a photo everyday for a year. There are actually drawers and painters doing it do, and many other artist.
Why? Why not!? Imagine having a year long photo album. And time seems to move along so quickly these days... what a way to slow it down!! They suggest you do at least one photo a month with yourself in it too , so you can see how you change over the year. More so, it can make you into a better photographer and develop your creativity... you have to think of something interesting everyday, or make everyday things interesting. By using your camera everyday you'll learn more about your camera. You'll also learn whats important to you, and how you spend your time. As will everyone else, if you chose to publish it as I will.

So Day 1...

This is photo #1

I want to use this project as a way to diversify my work. Hopefully over the year this will happen and by taking my camera with me, to more places.
But today, while Bain's asleep, I didn't venture far for my first shot.... Some succulent flowers slowly drying/dying in a vase...

I will also be using a separate blog (see links..) called Leia's Project 365 as I want to leave this sight for other photography that I do, more specialised, more developed work. And it would get very crowded...