Sunday, March 18, 2007

More LIME...

In between my 'Project 365' I'm going to create these 'ads', following on from last post. Its something that I can completely muck around with, not only with photo shop, but taking silly pics.

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carly preston said...

Hi darling,

your photos look beautiful. You should be proud. I'm inspired to make a print a day, don't know how I will go on saturdays and sundays though!!

I'm just a uni doing some research, really a bit distracted by your website, been looking at every link and every photo for the last half an hour, so if thats anything to go by,I love it.

Hope you are all well, must come see you soon, I've been doing heaps of volunteering with a art gallery of late so that is taking up alot of my time, but very rewarding all the same.

I've also applied for a $5,000 grant to make some art, find out next week, I'm so nervous...!

I cant believe how much Bain has grown, incredible.

Well, I wont leave it so long before I look at your blog again.

Cheers, Carly