Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Hair Show

My good friend Jess, below, asked me to do some photos at a hair show she was modelling for. It was great fun and gave me a chance to do a different style of photography, although in my early uni days Fashion Photography was my main interest.

But what a great hair style and colour!! As a photographer, I don't think it would get much better than this.

Although an awesome, big tattoo is fun too...

Some of the girtls had full costume make-up (i guess thats what you'd call it) and DC was the products used on the night - hence the stencil on the girls.

Laura was such a photo-genic model, it was pretty easy to photograph her.

But Marnie was fantastic, from a photographers perspective. She just wasn't self-conscious at all and gave me some great shots.

I've been having a play in Photoshop with a few of these, so stay tuned...

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