Tuesday, December 19, 2006

more family stuff...

Here is another work, similar to the last post. I have again used a photograph of my Dads. These works are quite personal, so I almost find it difficult to post them. But also feel when you have a strong connection to your work, its often better. For some reason I like the symbol for "and" &. I like the way it looks.. is as simple as I can describe it. Similar the the symbol for infinity.. So "&" features again and will probably remain a theme throughout these works.


This is a family portrait.. or as close as we get to one!! But I like to think that there would be other families that would also like this style. I hope to be able to do this for other families.

This one below is another version, tweaked a bit in Corel Paint Shop pro. Studying photography, I loved the old style processing and the results, this replicating a Daguerreotype, used around 1840's, which used a piece of silver-plated copper and they were a once off image. In Corel paint it even adds the photo edges.. its just too easy though...

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